Keith W. Willis Announces the publication “Desperate Knight”

Keith W. WillisClifton Park author Keith W. Willis is thrilled to announce the publication of his second fantasy/romance novel, Desperate Knight. The ebook edition will be published by Champagne Book Group on August 7, 2017; the paperback edition will be released in early September. Preorders for the ebook (for the paltry sum of $3.99) are being accepted now.

Desperate Knight is the sequel to Willis’ award-winning debut, Traitor Knight, continuing the Knights of Kilbourne series. Featuring a swashbuckling hero who’s as deft with a wisecrack as with a sword, a feisty heroine who can quell a villain (or a hero) with a raised brow or a good right cross, and a sardonic dragon with an inconvenient case of hiccups, Desperate Knight combines intrigue, romance, witty banter and a dash of humor in an homage to the swashbuckling films of Fairbanks and Flynn, as well as to the screwball comedies of the 30’s and 40’s.

SFF World called Traitor Knight ““…a witty and action-packed page-turner that takes the classic fantasy land and adds depth, character, romance and political intrigue to brilliant effect.”  Traitor Knight was a finalist in the Next Generation Indie Book Awards (Fantasy), and was also picked as Best Romance Novel of 2016 by the Preditors&Editors Readers Choice Poll. 

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