School of Night - August 31, 2004

“Connecting the Thread” Open Reading at Pine Hollow Arboretum

Michael CzarneckiJoin us at Pine Hollow Arboretum on Friday, June 2, 7:00 PM for a “Connecting the Thread” Open Reading. The reading will start with Michael Czarnecki reading one of his poems followed by a poet who has a poem that connects in some way with Michael’s poem. Then someone else follows with a poem that somehow connects to the poem just read. There is no “order” of reading, or going around the circle, each person taking a turn. The sequence will be determined by who has a poem that connects the thread with the previously read poem. Michael and Craig Czury did this with poets in Plattsburgh one time and it was a wonderful hour and a half of poetry that could have gone on even longer.

Needless to say, bring along a good supply of your own poems if you want. Or, just come to listen if you’d prefer.

We will also be having a Dessert Potluck to accompany the reading, so along with your poems, bring along a little treat.

See you there at PINE HOLLOW ARBORETUM, 16 Maple Ave, Slingerlands, New York