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Call For Submissions – Hobo Camp Review

Hobo Camp ReviewOur friends at Hobo Camp Review want your local words for Issue 30. Editor James Duncan sent along the following information on how you can get involved:

The upcoming issue of Hobo Camp Review will focus on writers and poets who work and live in the Albany, Troy, and Capital Region area of upstate New York. The content doesn’t have to be regional in focus, but contributors should have a strong connection to the area. As far as the kind of work we look for, we like tales from the road, Beat-ish poems with a little sparkle and a little dust, and stories that sound good by a campfire with a train running somewhere in the distance, something with a sense of vagrancy, dark yet jovial and humble in the most outlaw manner possible. Our ideal evening is Steinbeck, Li Po, McCullers, Bukowski, and Miles Davis sitting around a campfire eating hot dogs and beans with a stray dog named Tom Waits wagging his tail at their feet. But that’s not all we like. Try us, we’re an easy going lot. Just keep it kind and keep it brief, and if you’d like to know more our guidelines are on the website.