Fable at Nitty Gritty Slam #97 – July 7, 2015

Fable The Poet was the featured performer at Nitty Gritty Slam #97 at The Low Beat on Tuesday, July 7, 2015. This is the audio from that event.

Fable The Poet has performed in venues all over the United States, and with a very versatile poetry arsenal is not scared of any venue or crowd, be it a collegiate environment, public school classroom, a cafe or a dimly lit bar, be sure he will give you his all. He is also one of the key organizers of the first ever blind/deaf friendly ArtPrize exhibit. ArtPrize is held every year in Grand Rapids, MI and is the LARGEST visual art competition in the world.

But, although he is a man of many skill sets, cultivating the youth and community relations are what Fable truly is passionate about. Through after-school programs and assemblies alongside his collaborative, “The Diatribe” he uses spoken word to empower the youth to use their own voices to sp

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