New Poetry – Gary Murrow

Gary Murrow is a poet, writer, artist, and performer. He has performed his poetry and spoken word all over the country in small coffee houses and large theaters for over twenty years and has been published in many journals, zines, newspapers, and websites.

In the past couple of years Gary has taken time off from traveling and touring to spend time with family and friends. In that time he’s been collecting ideas and writing almost every day.

In 2012 Gary Murrow was voted one of the Best Local Poets in the Metroland Readers Poll and will be included in upcoming third edition of Up The River which will be released at the the 2015 Albany Word Fest.

She likes camping, has kids, furry pets.
I said I went to poetry readings.
She said, “What’s that?”
I said there’s one now at the UAG
let’s go. She said, “Sure, but
let’s fuck first then go drink beer.”
Yes. Fuck first. Yes. Beer.
She doesn’t want to hear my words
just wants to feel my cock inside her.
She wants to do what she wants to do
drink beer, fuck, go camping.
Poems are for pussies.


A Valentine

I went to your house
with a bouquet of flowers.
Your truck wasn’t in the driveway
so I broke in, put the flowers
on your table — sorry about
stepping on your cat. Is that
why you haven’t called to thank me?

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