Sunday Four Poetry Open Mic – Poetry as a Vision of Utopia


On Sunday, January 25th at 3 p.m., the Sunday Four Open Mic series will present a symposium: “Poetry as a Vision of Utopia” featuring Bernadette MayerDan Wilcox, Howard Kogan, and Karen Schoemer.

These four fine poets will discuss whether poetry is indeed a utopian vision of life and human well-being, offering examples from their own poetry pro or con. They will grapple with essentially the function of poetry.

Anyone who engages poetry other than as a hobby deals with this issue all the time: what am I creating and why, to what end?

These four poets represent serious poetic investment for well over a century combined and there will be much to learn and discuss. There will be a Q&A after the four poets have made their brief presentations. Not to be missed. Bring your thinking cap!

Open mic readers limited to one short poem that day.

Poets and guests will meet at the POETS’ CORNER at Smith’s Tavern afterward, as per usual, for further convivial discussion and laughter. Bring your anarchy cap! The poet of the month remains Alan Casline. Feel free to take a copy of his fine reflection on the POETS’CORNER.

The Sunday Four Open Mic series, hosted by Dennis Sullivan, Edie Abrams, and Mike Burke, takes place at the Old Songs Community Center on the fourth Sunday of the month with a featured poet and an open mic for poetry and spoken word.
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