Yes! with Afton Wilky, Andrea Williams, and Geof Huth


The Yes! Poetry & Performance Series returns to the Albany Center Gallery (39 Columbia Street, Albany) this Saturday, October 18, featuring text, visual, and sound artists Afton Wilky, Andrea Williams, and Geof Huth.

Afton Wilky is a multi-disciplinary artist—writing, sound, digital media and book arts. She is the author of Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea (Flim Forum Press, 2014) and her work is in or forthcoming from journals such as Black Warrior Review, LIT, Alice Blue Review, TAB, EOAGH, textsound, Word for/Word, and Jacket2. She is the managing editor at The Volta.

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Sound artist and composer, Andrea Williams, utilizes site-specific elements and perceptual cues to reveal the unseen connections between people and their environment. Her compositions make use of field recordings, instruments, computer technologies and the sound of the performance space itself. She has led soundwalks in New York and the Bay Area, and has shown and performed both solo and with various musicians at galleries and alternative spaces internationally, such as the Whitney Museum, Headlands Center for the Arts, Children’s Creativity Museum, NPR, Miami Art Fair, and the Mamori sound artist residency in the Amazon rainforest. Andrea is a founding member of the New York Society for Acoustic Ecology and is currently attending RPI for her PhD in Electronic Arts.

The scope of Geof Huth‘s poetic production includes handdrawn and computer-generated visual poems (some of them wordless), one-word poems, extemporaneous poems recorded in the act of living, and poems performed in a language that doesn’t exist with melodies created as the audience listens. He writes on visual poetry and the textual imagination at his blog, dbqp: visualizing poetics. His latest books are ntst (a book of 775 one-word poems) and AUTION CAUTION (a book of found photopoems).

Albany Center Gallery is a community-based and community supported non-profit art space dedicated to exhibiting skillful contemporary art of the Mohawk Hudson region, and building a strong, knowledgeable audience for the visual arts.


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