Poets Speak Loud Featuring Jay Renzi


We return to McGeary’s on Monday, September 29 for another summer edition Poets Speak Loud. This month we are very happy to welcome Jay Renzi as our featured reader.

Jos. D. Renzi III is a poet, man of letters, idler and sportsman. Born in Quincy, Mass., educated in Newport, R.I. and an adopted son of Troy, N.Y., Renzi calls Newport, Boston, the White Mountains of New Hampshire and the Hudson River Valley home. The journeys and meetings between these places provide much of the inspiration for his varied interests.


It was forgotten that you possess the
Poison that keeps a time from having end;
It is a potion that smoothes edges and
Accentuates the smile of warm friend.
It was forgotten that you have the eyes
That beckoned many to a vanished eve;
They are eyes that encourage the wine to
Flow and forbid us from taking our leave.
Though, why should one wander when
The fire at home burns hot?
Ah yes, as we Welsh say:
There is a lid for every pot.

Cool and wicked
I am cool and wicked, and indifferent
To who you blame for abuse;
You have nothing to gain with pardon—
No, no reason to offer a truce.
You claw at constant heavens and release
The once-lost treble of your voice;
But heaven is indifferent, it gives no aid,
No reason to rejoice.
With abandonment from above preaching
That your life is of little use,
You become cold and wicked—
And indifferent to all abuse.

Poets Speak Loud is Albany Poets’ long-running monthly open mic for poetry and spoken word with a featured poet hosted by local poet Mary Panza at McGeary’s (4 Clinton Square) in downtown Albany on the last Monday of each and every month.

Sign-up for the open mic is 7:00pm, we start around 8pm.


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