Gary Whitehead

Poetry Workshop by Gary J. Whitehead Followed by Reading Featuring Patricia Kett

Gary Whitehead

The Northeast Poetry Center’s College of Poetry has a big day of poetry lined up for Saturday, May 3, starting at 1:00 pm with a workshop conducted by Gary Whitehead followed by the Poetry on the Loose reading featuring Patricia Kett.

Gary J. Whitehead will offer a workshop on the use of rhetorical figures in the composition of poetry on Saturday, May 3, from 1:00 until 3:00 p.m. at the Seligmann Center for the Arts, 23 White Oak Drive. (across from the SLPAC, formerly the Lycian), Sugar Loaf, New York.  No preregistration is required.

The workshop will focus on the use of three rhetorical devices (asyndeton, polysyndeton and anaphora). Writers may well have used these techniques without knowing their classical names.  Participants will examine examples in published poems and then compose a new poem practicing the conscious use of the devices. All writers are familiar with sound devices (alliteration, consonance and assonance) and figuration (metaphor, simile and personification) as rhetorical strategies in writing.  Whitehead characterizes the three rhetorical strategies he will spotlight as operating on the level of sentence construction.

Whitehead is a poet, teacher, painter and crossword constructor. His third collection of poems, A Glossary of Chickens, was published by Princeton University Press in 2013. His previous books include Measuring Cubits while the Thunder Claps and The Velocity of Dust. He has also authored three chapbooks of poetry, two of which were winners of national competitions. He is recipient of writing awards including a New York Foundation for the Arts Fellowship and the Pearl Hogrefe Fellowship at Iowa State University. His poems have appeared widely, most notably inThe New Yorker

The next workshop, on June 7 will be conducted by Susanna Rich. Her title is “Slapped with Lightning: Punctuation and Poetry.”

After the workshop, Poetry on the Loose will present a reading by Patricia Kett at 3:30 in the same space followed by an open reading.

Patricia Kett is a retired registered nurse for whom writing has been love, work, obsession, play, and escape for over sixty years.   Her poetry has been published in newspapers, journals, magazines, and four anthologies, including The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow (2012) and Caduceus (2012).  She is a member of the Upper Delaware Writers Collective in Narrowsburg, New York and has participated in poetry readings throughout the region. Her collection of poems, No Need to Repeat Old Lies or Old Lives, appeared in 2012 and her self-help book, Happy is Not a Goal! in 2013.


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