Carol Graser

Carol Graser at Pine Hollow Arboretum

Carol Graser

Potluck and poetry returns to the Pine Hollow Arboretum in Slingerlands on Friday, October 11 with featured reader Carol Graser for the Poets of Earth, Water, Tree and Sky open mic.

Recently lauded for ten years at the helm of the Caffe Lena Poetry Open Mic in Saratoga Springs, New York Carol Graser is one of the most accomplished woman poets in the Albany Region. She is appreciated for her experimental and bemused approach to her own poetry and the work of others. With the twist of her pen she gives us an emotional balance and brave approach to both common and tough subject matter. Her words put to tragedy and with irony may produce a serious mood and are always worth a listen. Another side of her work displays what I would identify as amused verse but with Carol Graser I can never be sure whether when she is seeing the “Sunnyside of Life” that maybe she is really seeing the Sunnyside of Life.  Carol often puts forward another better way to view our normal travails and like many artists sometimes drifts to an imaginary world and out of my attempt to have a conversation with her.  I look forward to a feature length presentation at Pine Hollow. The opportunity to hear her work in an extended    format will be worth the trip to Slingerlands on a Friday Evening. See you there.

The reading begins at 6:30PM, right after the potluck which starts at 5:30PM.

The Open Mic for writers and poets will be offered as usual. Our theme will be “dylan”. Poets can read three short poems or two longer poems or two pages of prose will be acceptable. There will be light refreshments offered. Donations welcomed.

Contact Alan Casline at for more information.

Funding to support this Reading Series comes from Hudson Valley Writers Guild and Rootdrinker Institute.


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