David Wolcott

Are You Experienced? – A BookMarks Reading at The Arts Center

David Wolcott

Next Monday, March 11 across the river in Troy, The Arts Center of the Capital Region (265 River Street, Troy, NY) is presenting a reading event as part of its Memoir Project series. This month’s theme is “Are You Experienced?” Some of the scheduled readers include Ken ApplemanCarol DerfnerBonnie EngelmanJulie LomoeLeslie NeustadtDarby Penney, and Jill Rafferty-Weinisch.

Monday, March 11, 2013 – 7:00 PM 

The Memoir Project, a program of The Arts Center of the Capital Region in Troy, presents Bookmarks, a series of group readings featuring writing that is grounded broadly in personal experience. March’s theme is “Are You Experienced?” curated by David Wolcott. When Jimi Hendrix asked that threshold question in one of his songs in 1968, he understood that if you’ve tripped, you know what happens, but if you haven’t, you can’t possibly understand. This session presents an unusual collection of prose and poetry recollections of “self-experiments in chemistry,” inspired by a personal history article by Dr. Oliver Sachs, “Altered States,” in the August 27, 2012 New Yorker. Our readers will talk about their experiences long ago with a number of different drugs plus a non-drug “rock band groupie” youthful indiscretion. Whether taken as cautionary tales or expressions of self-revelation, we will hear fascinating stories of people learning something important about themselves, something that changed their lives.

More information on this event and others in the series can be found on the Arts Center website.

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