Poem A Day – Ed Rinaldi – thoughts, posting a poem a day

thoughts, posting a poem a day

better to lens
the daytime at night
bright light fright plight is
the world whirling whorls
here come the curl waves
the reeds all rifled with eggs
hidden in one basket divide
the sea tide rides the water
from where the animals hide
the entryways of Moses down the rabbit hole
and the chocolate Jesus fix live at the hour role
as brown skin is still part of the argument
so a rift valley continuance allegiance begins
Margaret Mead’s nightmare zombie shells
Hansel and Gretel knew this path by hearts belled
came to tell bread could be traded for wings
but magnetic stones were why dark matter was made
each quantum accordion note sings
each birth that Winter to Spring can bring forth
spill piping the tilling of wane
telling exit troubadours
to sell the star maps
of tomorrow without rain
and voice-mark the wells that quench
every desire we have written to the bone
each along a honed edge of time
each in a blood carved dawn
painted fine line
by fine line