The Dan Wilcox Open Mic Commentary Round-Up

Dan Wilcox What a busy week it has been on the Dan Wilcox blog.  He posted a blog last week about a recent HVWG event with a small audience and the comments section exploded.  Here is what happened on Dan’s blog this week.

Third Thursday Poetry Night at the Social Justice Center, October 18

So then the strangest thing happened — Dennis Sullivan, our night’s feature had left a couple of free broadsides up on the counter by the sign-up sheet & our first poet up, Daniel Scott, who was unfamiliar to what we were doing, picked up one of Dennis’ broadsides & read it. What a cool introduction to the night’s feature — how perfect. (Perhaps Daniel will return with one of his own poems soon.)

What If They Gave A Reading & No One Showed Up?, October 20

Even though “Community of Writers” was sponsored by the Hudson Valley Writers Guild there were but 10 of us in the large (then seeming larger) auditorium of the Albany Public Library to hear Russell Dunn, Lyn Miller-Lachmann & Pierre Joris read from their work.

As always, be sure to check out Dan’s blog for more on the poetry scene here in the Albany area.