Poetry Returns to LarkFEST This Saturday

LarkFEST Albany Poets will be back at LarkFEST this Saturday on the Hometown Stage and in our very own Poetry Tent on the corner of Lark and Chestnut. The poetry starts at noon in the poetry tent with Chris Brabham and continues throughout the day.

Be sure to come by and pick up your copy of OTHER:EIGHT.

Here is the schedule for the Hometown Stage and the Poetry Tent

11:30 – Last Conspirators
12:00 – Chris Brabham (in the Poetry Tent)
12:10 – Hannah Imbesi
12:30 – Erik Sweet (in the Poetry Tent)
12:40 – Albany Poets Dain Brammage, Mary Panza, and Thom Francis with John Weiler, K.J. Spencer, and more
1:10 – Carol Graser (in the Poetry Tent)
1:20 – Gay Tastee
1:45 – John Raymond (in the Poetry Tent)
1:55 – Ramblin’ Jug Stompers
2:20 – Shaun Baxter (in the Poetry Tent)
2:30 – Jim Gaudet
3:00 – Debra Bump w/John Weiler (in the Poetry Tent)
3:10 – Palatypus
3:50 – Mother Judge and Mitch Elrod
4:25 – Ben Karis
5:00 – Black Fuel