Albany Pro Musica’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Albany Pro Musica’s mission ― to perform a broad spectrum of quality choral music at the highest levels of artistic excellence that inspires and transforms our audiences and chorus, and to provide exceptional educational experiences that advance the choral art among new generations of singers ― inspires all that we do. It is at the heart of every rehearsal and concert experience, each selection of musical compositions performed, and every collaboration and partnership. It also provides a foundation for us to build upon as we strive to serve as a leader in choral excellence and choral music appreciation in New York State’s Capital Region, the Northeast, and beyond.


Our vision of excellence and leadership, bridging cultures, ethnicities, and generations, depends on four core values which we cultivate purposefully: First, Albany Pro Musica aspires to excellence in performance and repertoire, with a demanding rehearsal schedule for singers and a rigorous, uncompromising approach to choral technique that Opalka Family Artistic Director Dr. José Daniel Flores-Caraballo has continued and expanded upon from his predecessor, founding director David Griggs-Janower. Second, the ensemble is dedicated to inspiring new generations of singers through numerous educational programs and our continuous recruitment of new, talented singers. Third, APM is committed to engaging expanded and broadly diverse audiences through innovative programming, challenging repertoire, and a wide range of musical selections. Finally, we actively partner with civic, cultural, and educational organizations and institutions to leverage the talents, passions, and resources of our collaborators and amplify our joined voices for greater impact. APM’s partnerships with the University at Albany (SUNY), where rehearsals and master classes typically take place, and with the Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, where the ensemble sits as Chorus-in-Residence, represent two of our most essential relationships.


Troy Savings Bank Music Hall

The Troy Savings Bank Music Hall opened in 1875, and its inaugural concert was performed to a full house and glowing reviews. In 1890 the Hall installed an Odell concert organ, the only unrestored 19th-century concert hall organ in existence in the United States, which helped it become the acoustical wonder it is today. Throughout its history, the Hall has been a hub of community activity, attracting premier musical groups—among them the Albany Symphony Orchestra, Albany Pro Musica, and Troy Chromatic Concerts, whose association with the Music Hall spans a full century—and serving as the site for more than 300 recordings. Today, the Hall is one of only a handful of 19th-century concert halls in continuous operation in the United States and is a National Historic Landmark building.

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