Thank You to our 2020-21 Season Donors!

Listing reflects gifts made between July 1, 2020 and June 30, 2021


Circle of Friends

GOLD MAESTRO CIRCLE ($50,000 and above)

Christine and George R. Hearst III

Chet and Karen Opalka


SILVER MAESTRO CIRCLE ($25,000-$49,999)

Isabel Bader

Sherley Hannay

Ellen Jabbur


PATRON ($5,000-$9,999)

Gregory Anderson and William Tuthill

Ellen and Daniel Hogarty


BENEFACTOR ($2,500-$4,999)

Al DeSalvo and Susan Thompson

Gwen Krause

Keith Lee and James Gaughan

John Nigro

John and Raona Roy

Wayne A. Senitta, Jr. and Daniel Washington

Edward Swyer

Michael and Margery Whiteman

Michael and Linda Wolff

Edelgard Wulfert


SPONSOR ($1,000-$2,499)

Jeanette Altarriba


Wendy Barcomb and John Sheridan

Michael Boots

Bonnie and Paul Bruno

Charlotte and Charles Buchanan

Mitchell and Susan Cohen

Dr. Gladys I. Cruz

Robert and Minda Dwyer

Joseph and Linda Farrell

Jill Harbeck

K. Drew Hartzell, Jr.

Colin Helie and Julie Weston

E. Stewart and Kimberly Sanger Jones

H. Graham and Amber Jones

Steven and Vivian Lobel

Barbara Manning

Doug and Diane Petersen

Havidan and Rosy Rodriguez

Harriet B. Seeley

David G. Tieman

Norman and Nancy Tellier

David and Nancy Wagner

Hannelore Wilfert and Karl Moschner

Marcia White


AFFILIATE ($500-$999)

Gregory and Judith Aidala


Heather Baird

Rebecca Baron

Marie and Johan Bosman

Carol F. Bullard

Judith Ciccio

Heather Diddel

Tony Esposito

Meg Gallien and William F. Hammond, Jr.

Jonathan and Tonya Burandt Hansen

Anna Kuwabara and Craig Edwards

Michael and Susan Moyle Lynch

Edward and Nancy McEwan

Thomas McGuire

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Musto

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Older

Edwin and Carol Osterhout

Elizabeth Osthimer and Robert Konigsberg

Bob and Loretta Parsons

Sharon Roy

Alice Schrade

Katherine Sheehan

Jan and Stan Smith

Rex and Marion Roach Smith

Lawrence and Audrie Sturman

Miriam Trementozzi and James Ayers

Russ and Carolyn Wilks

Stephen J.C. Williams

Lisa J. Wloch

Susan Craig Zeltmann


FRIEND ($100-$499)

Robert and Patricia Altman

Jennifer Amstutz

Suzanne Anderson

Gayle Anderson and Sidney Fleisher


Elizabeth A. Arden

Judith Arnold

Marius Beceanu

Elmer Bertsch

Wendy Blair

Kjersti Board

Carol and Bill Bott

Jeanne Bourque

Ann and Dave Brandon

Neil D. Breslin

Pieter and Stacey Bridge

Beckie and Scott Briggs

Gayle Burgess

Deborah E. Byers

Findlay and Marcia Cockrell

Michael Coleman

Marie K. Cox

Dawn and Dick Dana

John Defilippo

Marilyn Desmond

Joyce Diwan

Valerie Donovan

David and JoAnn Duquette

Dr. and Mrs. Eames

Dorothy L. Ellinwood

Stephani Emery

Frederick E. Faught

Thomas Feist

Stephanie and Peter Flinker

Jose Daniel Flores-Caraballo

Francine Frank

Lisa Frazzetta

Lawrence F Gambino

Eugene and Barbara Garber

Barbara Gillmeister

Gary and Sandy Gnirrep

Gary David Gold

Paul Jay Green

Jeff Gross

Lorraine and Dennis Guyon

Ted and Kathy Hahn

Dianne B. Hansen

Katharine Harris

Leif and Claudia Hartmark

Barbara Higbee

John and Susan Hill

Marcia Hopple

Donna Hughes

Linda Hunt

Elihu Jerabek

Hon. John T McDonald III

Thomas Johnson

Hugh Johnson

Eric and Priscilla Johnson

Thomas Johnston

Paula Jordan

Hilke Kayser

Joseph Keegan

Peter F. Keyoskey

David A. Klaus

Maureen Frances Leary

Daniel Leinung

Deirdre Leland

Heather and Edward Lessard

Charles Liddle, III

David Loy

Robert and Nancy Lynk

Stephen and Mary Madarsz

Jean Frances Malone

Bob and Carleen Marino

Ralph and Jacqueline Marino

Janet Marler

Kimberly A Marshall

Susan Linda Martin

Mike and Suzanne Mason

Bob Massa

Daniel McCoy

Robert McNamara

John Mesch

David and Barbara Metz

Hedy Migden

Richard J Miller, Jr.

Anthony and Joan Mitola

Judy B. Moore

Jim Murdock

Thomas Murphy

Stephen Murray

David Musser

Judith Ann Mysliborski

William and Elizabeth Nathan

Hugh Nevin

Vaughn Nevin

Sigrin and Jonathan Newell

Raymond Newkirk

J Peter and Barbara Notch

Sara Oberst

Marion and Daniel Onufrak

Richard and Judith Palmer

Carl M. Penney

Nancy Petersen and Ed Kautz

Peter and Susan Pezzolla

Chris and Carol Pfister

William Picotte

David Pollitzer

Elizabeth M Racicot

Margaret Randall

Marsha Ras

Cheryl Reeves

Brad Reilly

Dottie Reynolds

Gail Richardson

Richard and Jill Rifkin

Ingrid Peters Robinson

Lisa Romano

Martha Rozett

Ellen Sax

William Schollenberger

Sandra L. Schujman

Robert and Gail Schwartz

Peggy and Jack Seppi

Ronnye B. Shamam

Laura Shea

Cynthia Shultz

Barbara Simoneau

Gary and Kathie Smith

Donald Stauffer

Hildegard Steinmann

Robyn Steve

Margaret A Stevens

Emily and David Sturman

Marlayna Sullivan

Michele Susko

Christine B. Szczepanek

Roger Tippy

Paul D. Tonko

Ann Vehlies

Lyle Van Vranken

Dawn Stuart Weinraub

Michael and Harriet Dearden Welther

Barbara W. Wiley

Carol Willsey

Brian K Wilson

Stephen Wilson

Mary Withington

Dan and Carol Wojcik

Susan Standfast Wright

Michael Wright

Peter and Lynn Young

Francesca Zambello and Faith Gay

Barbara Zautner

Mark and Lynn Zielinski


Corporate Circle

GOLD CIRCLE ($10,000-14,999)

New York State Council on the Arts

IBM Corporation


SILVER CIRCLE ($5,000 – $9,999)

Albany Medical Center


BRONZE CIRCLE ($2,500-$4,999)




Amazon Smile

Amidon & Petersen Financials

Bernard F. Conners Foundation

General Electric Foundation

Golub Foundation

Preferred Mutual Insurance Company

Romeo Toyota

The University at Albany Foundation

Wells Fargo Bank, N.A.

Whiteman Osterman and Hanna


Albany Pro Musica is grateful for the support of the New York State Council on the Arts with the support of Governor Kathy Hochul and the New York State Legislature.


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