A Letter from the President of the Board of Directors


To the audiences and patrons of Albany Pro Musica,


As our ensemble presents its 41st season, it’s my great privilege to greet you as the new president of Albany Pro Musica’s Board of Directors.


I’ve been a member of the chorus since 2000 and a board member for the last nine years, so I have had a chance to watch APM grow, both musically and organizationally. I’m able to tell you with confidence, then, that this is a great moment for the music-loving community of New York’s Capital Region. Audiences and artists are together creating a vibrant cultural landscape here. Surely our beloved founder, the late David Griggs-Janower, would be delighted that his creation remains, under the leadership of Maestro Flores-Caraballo, a dynamic musical force in this place.


We are especially thrilled to be returning to live performance after a season of virtual presentations forced by the pandemic. While most of the music we hear in the 21st century comes to us via recordings, we all know that there’s nothing quite as powerful as the shared experience of performers and audience at the instant that great music is created. That’s especially true in the acoustically extraordinary Troy Savings Bank Music Hall, a world-renowned venue where we are honored to be the ensemble in residence.


By your presence at our concerts, you are doing more than enjoying a show. You’re also supporting the continuation of live music as a vital part of the hometowns we share here in Upstate New York. Our loyal supporters and regular concert-goers truly erase the line that you may imagine exists between performers and spectators – because you are making it clear that we’re all in this together. For that, and for joining us in this musical adventure, we thank you.



Rex Smith

President, Albany Pro Musica Board of Directors

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