News from HVWG member Judith Prest.

You may have seen on social media that I have a poetry collection, Geography of Loss, coming out in July from Finishing Line Press.  Finishing Line assigns all authors a “pre-order period” during which their job is to get as many pre-orders as possible. The number of pre-orders determines both the press run and the percentage of royalties paid to the author over the life of the book.  You may already have pre-ordered – for which I am VERY grateful, and if so, then please feel free to send or print the flier/order form for friends or colleagues who may also be interested in pre-ordering.  The “Pre-Order Period” for Geography of Loss began on March 15, and ends on May 14. 


To order right now from Finishing Line Press now, please click here.


Also, I have a small “thank you”– anyone pre-ordering can get FROM ME (NOT from Finishing Line Press) a printable digital “broadside” featuring the raven photo from the cover of the book with the first poem in the book – if you want to get this, just email ME (Not Finishing Line Press) at And of course, if  you already pre-ordered, just email me and I will send it out.


Like all humans, I have experienced quite a few losses over my lifetime, and since I am a poet, I write read and write poetry to help me process and heal. This collection is a good resource for anyone who has experienced a loss, as well as for people in the human services field – health care workers, clergy, hospice staff, counselors and social workers.


Thank you in advance for ordering my book and/or for passing the information along to friends and colleagues!

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